Yorgos Haralampopoulos: By blood


Yorgos Haralampopoulos

By blood

        — SO WHEN do you leave?

        — Tomorrow morning.

        — How long will you stay?

        — I don’t know, it depends.

        — What do the doctors say?

        — It’s serious, he’s dying. If he could see you…

        — It’s not necessary.

        — …for the last time.

        — Do you need money?

        — If he asks about you?

        — You haven’t seen me.

        — Do you still hold it against him? He’s our father.

        — Panayoti, why don’t you tell me, when my child grows up what shall I introduce you as? Its brother or uncle? Go on, tell me, tell me!

Source: First published.

Yorgos Haralampopoulos (Katerini 1956). He studied Chemistry, completed a Master’s Degree in Statistics and has attended creative writing workshops. His short film screenplay, entitled ‘On the road’, has been published and received awards.

Translated by Chris H. Sakellaridis

Chris H. Sakellaridis is a poet and teacher who was born in London in 1983 and grew up in Crete. He studied English at Queen Mary University, Social Anthropology at UCL and completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Education at Bath Spa. Poems and translations of his have been published in magazines and anthologies in the UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Greece. He has also been involved in radio production, animation and sound art.