Fedros Barlas: The Schooner



Fedros Barlas


 The Schooner


OADED with scented lemons, the schooner approached the harbour. Already visible in the twilight were the figures of the seamen, striding along the deck.

       He was waiting patiently for them. Only the malicious glow in his eyes betrayed his dark purpose.

      When the schooner came within a few metres distance from the shore, he jumped up, formed a speaking trumpet in front of his mouth with his hands and shouted at them:

      — Quid apportatis, nautae?

      But the seamen were not perturbed.

      — Apportamus citrones!

      They replied in unison.



 Source: A short story from the collection The Visit, Fexi publications, Athens, 1963. First published in review Stachys, [ no 10], October-December 1951.


Barlas Fedros (Athens, 1925-1975). Poet, short-story writer, journalist. First book: Dodeka tragoudia [Twelve songs], Aetos publications, Athens, 1943. Collected works, Ta Nea Ellinika, Athens, 1980.


Translated from the Greek by

Vassilis Manoussakis (Athens, 1972). Poet, short-story writer, translator. He studied English Language and Literature. He currently teaches at the University of Peloponnese in Kalamata.