Iro Nikopoulou: The unconditional value of things

Iro Nikopoulou

The unconditional value of things


S THEY carried the heavy guillotine to the basement of the castle, a loose nail fell on the fresh snow. The eye of the blacksmith shone from joy; he bent and caught it secretly. Ηe had meant to repair the right handle of the gold-trimmed baptistery for a long time.

Source: First edited.

Iro Nikopoulou  (Athens, 1958). Poet, prose writer, painter. She has studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts and has do­ne many exhibitions in Greece and abroad. She has publi­shed eight books of poetry and prose. She is cooperating with newspapers and literary magazines. Her works have been translated into English, Spanish, Russian  and other European langua­ges. Her last book: Before and after the hyphen (poe­try, 2018).

Translated by Liana Sakelliou

Liana Sakelliou (Athens, 1956), She studied English literature at the University of Athens. She is a professor of American literature and creative writing at the Department of English Language and Lite­rature at the University of Athens. Her publications include 11 books. She has received scholarships from the Fulbright Foun­da­tion, the Department of Greek Studies at Princeton Uni­versity, the University of Coimbra and the British Council for her research and writing activities. He has published 15 books. Her latest book: Where the aura blows sweet.

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